Gears Every Camper Must Have

Gears Every Camper Must Have

Essential camping gear is a simple phrase used to refer to all the essential items that you need to have when going out for a camping escapade. Camping is interesting especially when going out to a new place with friends or family. For those who have experience of life in the wild or forests, they might have an idea on the necessary equipment that should be in your backpack when traveling. Beginners might have problems choosing what to carry or what to leave behind. Worry not, as we’ll be delving deep into the necessities that campers should always tick in a checklist before boarding a van to the woods.

While focusing on the checklist, it's

While focusing on the checklist, it’s essential for you to have a pen plus a paper where you can note down all the items that you need. It is good practice to always start with the most crucial items that have priority. In this category, you’ll need to include your personal effects which consist of items like the undergarments, towels, toothpaste, handkerchiefs plus other personal items that will keep your stay in the woods comfortable at a personal level. While these are important, they don’t form a larger part of the essential gear.

Gears Every Camper Must Have

The kind of gear that you’ll carry will depend on a few things, including the amount of time you intend to stay out there. Most camping expeditions will last a minimum of three days with the maximum being dependent on the type of activities to be undertaken. At most, two weeks will do for the overall equation if you are planning for intensive camping. Anything more than that will stop being adventurous as you’ll be struggling to survive especially if you are far from your hometown. A balance must be made when selecting the essential gear to allow for portability, especially for camps in hilly areas.

For most expeditions, the basic elements that you’ll need to work around include a tent plus all other elements that aid in assembling the tent such as tarps, tie-downs and ropes. These will first come to mind when you are figuring out where to sleep while out there in the jungle. Safety is paramount, and tent assembly must offer security against intruding animals plus comfort against harsh night conditions. It’s highly probable that you left this behind when planning for the camp, but you can find affordable solutions through hiring or renting from a neighbor or friend.

With a tent, you’ll need a place to lie, and sleeping bags plus sleeping pads sound like the best option here. They should be portable and lightweight to make it easier to shift camp. You don’t expect to find floodlights in the woods, it’s therefore good practice to carry lighting equipment like flashlights, headlights plus lanterns. Clean water is key, but for sites with freshwater available, carrying treatment tablets would work well. Though, you’d still need to have some water cans to walk around with. For navigation, paper maps with coordinates plus a compass would be a vital tool to have plus a backpack to keep all these when hiking.

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