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Richard van Kooten,

Born: 1968 in Hoenderloo

Owner of Camping i Järvsand and Siberian Adventure's Northern Sweden . Regarding the camp he is partly responsible for the kiosk/reception and helps in the restaurant. Within the two companies, Richard is a guide in all types of activities we provide, host, he cared for the maintenance and cleaning of buildings, machinery and premises. He is involved in the care and training of the dogs, and is our huntingguide.


Claudia Beerta,

Born: 1970 te Apeldoorn

Owner of Camping i Järvsand and Siberian Adventure 's Northern Sweden. Regarding the camp she is responsible for the kiosk reception, is a cook and serve in the restaurant. Within the whole business Claudia is hostess, but also responsible for bookkeeping, (mail-)contacts and bookings, purchasing, planning, the garden, cleaning and the care and training of the dogs. In particular the training of young dogs during the winter season when they are old enough to begin their training.


Jay van Kooten,

Born: 2000 in Apeldoorn

Jay assists in his spare time here and there to learn (and for extra pocket money ...). He likes to go on sledging with the dogs and beeing outside. But a computer is also his thing. The swedish he quickly learned. Nice to see how he so easily switches between Dutch and Swedish.


Kyona van Kooten,

Born: 2004 in Apeldoorn

Kyona was a half year old when we moved to Sweden. When she began to speak it was both Dutch and Swedish. She also loves helping in the garden, and in the kitchen. She is happy when we are around. Also Kyona like's to be outside, but also to be with the dogs. She is easily distracted so a computer is not here thing.


Nanoek Tokkie,

Born: 1990 in Ens

Nanoek is our employee since August 2013. Before she was att our place as an intern. The main part of her mandate is the care and training of dogs, guide and help in the kitchen. But also, where necessary, she will be at the reception, gardening, cleaning, etc.